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Digital Hub Denmark is a private-public partnership working to promote Denmark as the best place to work in, start a business, and invest in. We constantly strive to create more insightful and actionable information for all Ecosystem stakeholders. Thus, we support the entrepreneurial Danish Tech start-up scene and create an incentive to come together and accelerate the exponential transition into the digital age.

The strategy involves contributing to the investment in startups, digital workplaces of the future, supporting the digital transformation, and the fast-growing Danish startup scene.

To support this, Digital Hub Denmark has developed and implemented a unique governance model for digital ecosystems, which we term The Danish Digital Ecosphere.

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What does danishstartups.dk feature?

The online platform maps every found Danish tech startup from all 7 officially established digital strongholds - Fintech, Healthtech, Robotics, Createch, Proptech, Agritech and Edtech. These Ecosystems are structured as not-for-profit organisations constituting the Danish Digital Ecosphere. Each Ecosystem within the Ecosphere has a diversified portfolio of tech companies divided into categories(sub-verticals).

After thoroughly investigating the Danish startup landscape in 2022, we mapped out other digital startups that cannot be assigned to the already established Ecosystems due to their diversified field of work. These startups do not fit the seven leading categories; therefore, they are termed xTech startups.

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The figures on the website are updated twice a year – in spring and fall. The database serves an array of objectives, such as, but not limited to:

  • International marketing efforts to promote Denmark’s Digital Ecosphere and beyond
  • Attracting talents, investors, and potential customers to the Danish thriving tech scene
  • Document the exponential growth of the Danish Digital Ecosphere regarding the number of startups and employees.

The vision is to strengthen Denmark’s position as a global attractor in the digital tech Ecosystem cycle by accelerating experience through learning and matchmaking. To achieve this, Denmark is focusing on a threefold commitment:

  • Increase the net inflow of tech talents
  • Attract more interest in digital transformative solutions from potential international customers
  • Boost attraction of foreign investors in Danish tech startup companies

Now onto more technical matters, how exactly is a startup defined?

There are four main aspects taken into consideration for this database:

  • The startup is maximum 10 years old, or in the case of a scaleup, it has raised venture capital or been listed on the stock exchange within the last 5 years
  • The digital aspect is a key element in the business model, and the company’s digital transformative value proposition is based on scalable digital technologies. Thus, companies are designed for fast growth through digital disruption. This assessment is qualitative.
  • The company is registered in Denmark with a CVR-num
  • The company is founded in Denmark, or the main activity is in Denmark.

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How did we gather data?

The Danish Digital Ecosphere is governed by a steering committee with working groups for data processing and marketing. The steering group members are the leaders of the 7 leading digital Ecosystems: Copenhagen FinTech, Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, Odense Robotics, Vision Denmark, PropTech Denmark, Agro Food Park and EdTech Denmark.

Digital Hub Denmark has identical data processing agreements with these Ecosystems, where Digital Hub Denmark is the data processor and the Ecosystems are the data owners. As data-owners, the Ecosystems are responsible for the quality of data, and for collecting and sharing data about digital tech startups within their own domains in accordance with the above definition of a startup.

Data about xTech is gathered by Digital Hub Denmark, and historical labor figures are gathered by Statistics Denmark.

How to use the website?

The primary users of the website are national and international ecosystem stakeholders - including investors and VCs, Ecosystem partners, delegations and tech talents.

The main page of Danishstartups.dk presents Denmark's digital startup Ecosystem and serves as a gateway to Ecosystems and other tech startups. Each Ecosystem has its own page that displays general information and facts about the Ecosystem. Further down the page, the startups can be filtered by categories. By clicking on a specific startup, you are directed to either their home page or social media channel.

Do not hesitate to contact the startups or the Ecosystem managers for job or investment-related questions. Visit our Delegation page for inquiries regarding a delegation visit to meet the Danish Ecosystems and their startups.

If you are a startup looking for advice or guidance on venture capital, contact our Director of Investments Zenia Francker.

If you are a policy maker or key ecosystem stakeholder please contact Thought Leader and Digital Hub Denmark Professor Claus Rosenstand.

For all other requires, do not hesitate to contact us.

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